Online Pokies Games Beneficial For You Because This Consume Your Time

The era of now is changing so rapidly that the people of this century are adapting the technology at a very fast pace and so they are finding the more ways to be online for their all kinds of the tasks. The main benefit is that you don’t have to go anywhere and...

You Can Play Easily And Get Excited Prizes With This Game

Avalon II is another very famous slot machine designed by the microgaming. If you are interested in playing it then I will suggest you to find some online tutorial or gaming videos on YouTube. Along with this all online pokie gaming websites will also provide you some...

This Is Very Simple Game And You Can Win Easily

Last vacations when I was in Australia, there I spend a best time. Without any work stress I played many games at home and some in casinos. I think playing with different amusements is the best time passes for any human being even if he is a kid or aged. Well I love...

Asian Beauty Online Pokies Review

The Asian Beauty pokie is not new on the online pokies scene. It is, however, still the most original and stunning game that is loved by many New Zealand. With its engaging gameplay and beautiful images, it captures the player. The enticing game also has a great pay-out. This is in part due to the 243 ways to win system but also because of the great in-game features. The great elegance and winning game-play make this online pokie a number one game in New Zealand.

Gambling GameThe 243 ways to win system

This online pokie does not use the lines system. There are no lines. The way the wins are calculated is simple. Any 3 or more same symbols which are adjacent to each other give you a winning. That is, of course, from left to right. The lack of lines means that there are 243 different combinations available to you, thus the name. Also, this system greatly increases your chances of earning some great profits. This pokie is great for both small bets and large ones. The bet per line goes from AUD 0.01 to AUD 1.00. In other words, from $3 to $300 for the total bet.

Special Features

Apart from the great possible pay-outs from the regular game, the Asian Beauty pokie offers plenty of special features. There are 3 special features in this game. The wild card, the scatter image, and the bonus game.

The Wild

If the Asian Beauty logo appears anywhere on the reel, it is a wild. If it’s connected to any symbols of the same kind, it replaces that symbol. All images are replaced by the wild except the scatter image, of course.

The Scatter Image.

This scatter is depicted as a chest. If three chest appear in any column, you receive free spins. Furthermore, these free spins have an additional multiplier. All your winnings are then, logically, multiplied. Also, you can get any special feature while in “free-spin mode”. This means you can get additional free spins, many wilds, and even the bonus game. Once the free spins are over, the winnings are added to your account. These are often upward of a few 1,000 AUD. Because of this, the scatter images do not appear often. A couple of these free spin modes can appear in a single game.

Slot Machine GameThe Mirror Bonus Game

This game is completely random. As you are playing, you will simply be notified that you activated the Mirror Bonus Game. Once the game is activated, 12 mirrors will appear. The aim is to find 3 same pictures within the mirrors. There is no loss in this game. The lowest possible win is a multiplier of 15. The highest is 30. In other words, your total bet is multiplied. So if you get a multiplier of 30 and your total bet is 300, your winnings are AUD 9,000. Not something which is seen often, but when the bonus game does appear, you are sure to make a big win.


Whether you are a big player, or an enthusiast, you are bound to enjoy this pokie. Many New Zealand have fallen in love with the art of this game. The actual winnings, however, are the main attraction. With its unique form of play, you literally have 243 different ways to win. Along with the initial big winnings, you will also get big profits from the additional features. The Asian Beauty pokie is an online pokie that once you try it, you will keep playing on and on and on. If you put the fun aspect aside, you will notice that there is a real profit from this exquisite game.

poker machine gameDid I tell you that last year when I was in New Zealand I came to know that the show which I use to see during my childhood had become the most popular in the world of pokies. The show was also the most popular during its time of release; the costume was very impressive and very famous during 1974.

The name of the game is Arabian Nights. It was released in the world of gambling during the late session of 2000. To know more and more about the strategy of the play I went for the search of rules and instruction and I found the pdf of it which helped me a lot to make a tour with the famous character of the show Aladdin.

It is the simplest one with most rewarding one with five reels inspired from the stories of Aladdin, Ali baba, and the forty thieves and many more characters such Sindbad. It gives you 10 line of pay in which each bet line can be selected individually and can make the choice from one to ten.

The theme was totally the same as I watched during my childhood which gave me remembrance as if I am the still in that situation. Many books have been published and many of the authors have won for the creativity to make this popular among all.

The graphics is so refreshing and cool that it will bind you and will not give a single moment to peep out of screen. During the play I was feeling as if I am also flying with Aladdin on his flying carpet and he is helping me out to get on the prizes and rewards. The interface is felled with many wild symbols and the simple thing which you have to do is to match them in the lines which can give free spins as award which you can use for getting the bonuses and the round of jackpot is very fantastic with many multipliers.

I was fortunate that I won many of that. I would like to suggest the readers to go for it just to make your spare time to pass in a funny way rather that keeping in mind of making real money. Go and grab.

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Online Pokies World Gives You Chances To Collect Real Money

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